Q.  Do you accept children who can not speak English at all?

Our program is designed for children with or without any English ability. We consider that 7-12 years old children can absorb English naturally and smoothly in a friendly and relaxed environment. Children at this age are able to accumulate a huge amount of information especially through the challenging activities and the strategic language games at ABC HOUSE. .ABC HOUSE is the place where your child can start to speak English.

Q. Do I need to buy any text book or additional materials used for English lessons?

A. ABC House program and curriculum are inspired by the founder's working experience for an International School and an After-school in English. All the learning materials will be provided by ABC HOUSE without any additional fee.
Q. Is it possible for my child to be enrolled only for one hour per day in your program?

A. Our daily program is designed to complete with 3 hours per day . In order to keep the pace with the other students and effective lesson, it is very important for child to participate in our daily program at least 2 hours. We highly recommend more than 2 times a week in lesson frequency for effective learning result.
Q. Do you accept children returning from abroad or children of other nationality than Japanese?
A. ABC House welcomes children with any level of English ability as well as children of any other nationality than Japanese.
Q. Do you provide extended child care service after 7:00pm with any meal for children?

A. Yes, we have the extension service 19:00~ 21:00. Details available upon request.
Q. Do you offer any Pick up or Drop off service for children?

We provide the free Pick-up and Drop-off service.
The following schools are currently available for our pick-up service. Osone /Tsunashima Higashi /Morooka /Kikuna
Drop-off service is to give your child a ride back to his/her home. The service is free of charge for all students in ABC HOUSE.

Please ask us about details.
Q. What a kind of class room's circumstance ABC HOUSE provides?
A. We provide more than 2 square meter per child in the activity room. There is a plenty of room size exceeding 1.65 square meter from the administrative guideline. The children here can enjoy play and study English in the comfortable space.
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